Thursday, March 10, 2016

27 things

Saturday I will turn 28 (HOLY MOLY!!!). And even though I thought like would be totally different, I can't complain. I have a pretty great life and I know that even though it doesn't always feel like it, I am totally, exactly, perfectly right where God needs me to be. So I thought I would share 27 things I would tell my younger self:

  1. No matter what, always work hard. It isn't always fun to be the only one busting a$$, but I PROMISE you it will ALWAYS be worth it.
  2. Listen to your  mom, she knows waaaay more than you think. And even if all the other moms are cool and best friends with their daughters you'll be thankful she wasn't. 
  3. Spend more time with your grandparents, one day they won't be as youthful as they once were. 
  4. No matter how hard Dad is on you, there is a reason.
  5. That high school crap that is running your life in 10 years won't matter one bit.
  6. You'll lose friends and it's okay that you do.
  7.  When you go to college you'll meet AMAZING friends and 10 years later you will still be friends with them!
  8. Tarleton is going to be scary and hard, but just keep going! 
  9. That boy that you meet and fall madly, deeply in love with won't be there 7 years later, but the lessons you will learn from loving him will last forever. And you will lose touch, but a part of you will always love him.
  10. Back surgery BOTH of them will suck, you will want to give up more times than not, you will never get feeling back in your leg, you will still drag your foot every once in awhile, but YOU WILL RUN A HALF MARATHON!!!!!
  11. You and your sister will fight all the time, but she loves you and always has your back. 
  12. Your nephew will be the best thing that will ever happen to you, he will drive you bonkers, but life with him is much more interesting.
  13. When you go back to Tarleton, you'll want to quit, A LOT. Then you'll find a major you love and find a new family. 
  14. The moment you walk across that stage will be the most accomplished and proud you will ever feel. And the hugs from your family will be the best hug you have ever gotten. 
  15. You will love that black dog more than life itself. 
  16. You will struggle a lot, way more than you think you should. 
  17. You will get your heart broken and you will become a little bitter, but you won't let it run your life. 
  18. Working 2 jobs is hard, exhausting, and not a lot of fun, but you will survive it.
  19. You'll lose someone that was influential in your college career you won't exactly be sure how to take it or how to feel about it. You will find yourself wanting to talk to her and tell her about exciting things, you'll get angry because she's gone, but what she taught you will always be with you.
  20. Living in the "big city" will be a huge change, but embrace it!!!
  21. When you are in a crappy mood RUN. It will make you feel better.
  22. Wine and liquor will get the best of you more than once.   
  23. You will be good "friends" with your parents and it will scare you how much you are more like dad than mom at times.
  24. Turning 28 will scare the living crap out of you.
  25. There is always joy in the journey even at the darkest times.
  26. You will survive everything life throws at you, it won't feel like it at the time, but you will come out on the other side stronger maybe a little bruised, but stronger none the less.
  27. It's okay to not be okay. 

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