Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Bay Life

Good Morning y'all!!!
It has been a long time since I sat down to blog, almost a year if not over a year! I blogged for a long time before The Bay Life and got so caught up in trying to have the most followers or the most comments. Blogging isn't about that for me anymore, it is just about getting my thoughts out and if someone else can relate GREAT!! If not I'm certain that my story is good for at least one or two laughs :). 

The Bay Life, has just started for me, I FINALLY finished college in May and moved by the bay shortly (1 day late) there after. A new job, a new city, and making new friends has been difficult but I'm enjoying the adventure. 

I hope that y'all come back to visit and that y'all learn a thing or two about this crazy thing called life right along side of me :)

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  1. Yay! So glad to see you're back to blogging :)

    And I LOVE the design. I'm totally going to hire Erin for my blog makeover!


  2. Welcome back to blogging! I love your design. :)