Monday, September 7, 2015

Mary Kay Monday

As some of you have seen there is a Mary Kay tab right up there and so far it has nothing under it (my bad). So today I figured would be a good day to tell you a little about my Mary Kay journey.

Last August my mom had a Mary Kay skin care class. Which I'll just be really honest I was not the best at taking care of my skin, when I was younger I had AWFUL acne so bad that I had to be put on Acutane. I used over the counter products and in fact tried Mary Kay when I was in high school and it only made my face worse.

So while I was excited for the pampering I was a little skeptical to try the products again. HOWEVER, my skin felt better than it had in years after using the entire skin care line and make-up products. Mary Kay has come very far from  when I tried it years ago. I can mix and match my products and now it is skin specific which I love! 

My skin is oily and dry well now there is a combination skin care that I can use, the same goes for the make-up my foundation is also skin specific which is really great!

I figured I'd share a few of my favorite products once a week. So if you are interested in trying anything out let me know and  I can get you fixed up :)

And if you love the products so much you want to be a consultant also right now the kit is on sale and you can actually get 2 kits in 1.

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  1. As I grow older I feel I am growing wiser because I'm not afraid to try something a second time. I am glad you have found a skin care line that works for you! And how great is it that you can customize it to YOUR skin type?!