Wednesday, September 30, 2015


and why do we wear pink?!?!?

Okay, maybe not really but honestly who doesn't love a Mean Girls reference?!?!?! I am from a VERY small town and if you aren't from a small town you truly are missing out. Yes most times I hate that everyone knows my business before I do, but the really AMAZING thing about small towns is that when something goes wrong we all ban together to support each other. We literally take care of our own. I have stood at benefits where items have gone for over 15 thousand dollars just to help out a family that is swimming in hospital bills after a loved one passed away unexpectedly. You just don't have that everywhere.

Today, I am #feelinscrappy and I'm wearing my pink for one of the sweetest, kind heart'ed, loving people in our town. She always has a smile on her face and is also so happy to see you. Today she is fighting a battle with breast cancer. So on Wednesdays we wear PINK!!

I think about her and her battle daily, she is #feelinscrappy and I know will come out of this on the other side with having kicked cancers ASS!! Wednesdays she goes to treatment at MD Anderson one of the best cancer hospitals in our area. She has a support system of at least a thousand people, please add to that say a small prayer for her and her family as they fight this fight.

Cancer doesn't discriminate and it is such an awful sickness, I am thankful for the advances in medicine that will help her to beat this.

So next Wednesday put your pink on and start #feelinscrappy with her and all of those fighting this battle.

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  1. Changing into some pink now (no, I'm not still in my PJs... haha). How cool that you all ban together for common causes! Cancer sucks

  2. So much amazing advancement in breast cancer these days! Praying for her healing! :)

  3. Praying for her! I love that your community joins together to support one of your own. Awesome!