Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What a Weekend

Yeah Yeah I know it's Wednesday and I'm recapping the weekend. It's my blog and I do what I want :P

Friday night I had a girls night at my house equipped with wine, girl talk, and make-overs. I have some of the best friends ever and they are always willing to help me out. I had a Mary Kay party and we all had so much fun. Getting to play with make-up and having girl talk.

Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day here in Houston and we took advantage of it and did a little patio drinking sitting.

 After we had entirely to much to drink, I went with my friend to do her bridal portraits, (no you don't get to see them until December) where we decided that we really needed to take wine with us.

 And because I'm Klassy with a K, I drank mine out of a blender bottle, which totally cancels out the calories since I drank it in that :P.

I mean how FREAKIN' cute is he?!?!?!!?
Sunday, we had a company party and had a really great turn out, we had a bit of a hiccup with changing dates but even with that we had about 55 people make it. And another beautiful day you just couldn't waste it inside.

 Then I got really really sunburnt :( and my arms look the exact same........

So other than still being sun burned and a super busy weekend it was a very enjoyable! I got to hang out with a lot of friends and with our busy lives that doesn't get to happen often :)

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I like to employ the "I do what I want line" to lots of things in my life haha.