Friday, February 12, 2016

Feet on the Floor

If I have learned anything about my fitness journey is that it is hard to start, it is hard to start over, and it is hard to put my feet on the floor at 4:45AM when my bed is warm and comfy. I have recently started over (side eye) with the Piyo and half marathon training schedule that I talked about here.

I have also been working my part time job every night this week which puts me home about 9 every night. My body doesn't handle working out that late, I'm then hyped up and can't sleep. So the past few mornings I have gotten up early to get my work outs in. I have also been running on a dreadmill treadmill and for me that is harder than running on the road.

I have given up sodas for lent (what was I thinking?!?!?!?) so today is only day 3, so far it has gone okay. I have drank 96 oz of water 2 days in a row and I can honestly say I'm tired of peeing.

The absolute hardest part for me is putting my feet on the floor, once I do that I'm okay. It is a struggle that I have fought every day this week. Unfortunately I lost that struggle today and didn't get up and that's okay because tonight when I get home I will work out. I don't have to be up super early in the morning so I will be able to unwind for a little longer tonight then I have this week.

Excuses are EVERYWHERE for me, and every day I have a choice to put my feet on the floor and take control or lay in bed and continue to toss and turn from what was a sleepless night. I can choose to go home after my part time job and eat a bowl of cereal instead of grabbing something from fast food. I can choose to feel good about myself for working out and being active or I can binge watch Netflix and complain about none of my clothes fitting. I won't/don't always win these choices and that is okay, because every day is a new day a chance to try it again.

I have also learned that hardly eating isn't what I need, or eating things with no substance to them. Meaning I'm not full for long, I need to go grocery shopping and I just haven't had the time so I'm using up what I have to eat. Being hungry makes me choose not good things (like this candy bowl staring at me on my desk). Everyone is different and only you can know what is best for you and your body, just because something worked for someone doesn't mean it will work for everyone.

With that being said don't give up! Keep going on days when you don't want to keep going that is when you have to dig deep and put your feet on the floor!!

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  1. Having to pee all the time is the worst part about drinking a lot of water, so annoying!

  2. I'm trying to drink a lot of water too. I think I was close to 96 today. I don't think I'll ever feel thirsty again lol.

  3. Pretty sure we are the same person haha. Every time that I conquer starting over I swear to myself that it will be the last time because it is so hard to do. But then I find myself back at square one again. Super frustrating but the important thing is not giving up and always mustering up the courage to start again! We got this!