Wednesday, December 16, 2015


First of all is that even a word?!?! Grinchy??? Well I just made it one, you're welcome to use it at any time this holiday season :).

Can you believe that Christmas is just 9 days AWAY?!?! I remember being little and it always felt like Christmas was NEVER going to get here. Now that I'm older it seems like I blink and it is already December 16th.

I must confess that I am really not in the Christmas mood this year. It could be because in Texas it is HOOOOOOT, like abnormally hot even for Texas. It's hard to sing "Frosty" when you're walking around in shorts......

On the plus side, I have all but 1 gift purchased and just have a few more to wrap. I have started to get more hours at the part time job so I have been super busy, which could also be why I'm not really in the Christmas spirit. Busy is good, but exhausting I won't even lie!

I am looking forward to a few days off of work and some time at home with my crazy, dysfunctional family. They drive me nuts and most days I'm home for about 3 hours and I'm ready to go back to my quiet apartment, but I am thankful I have them.

The gifts and parties are nice, but sometimes I forget what Christmas is really about and when I remember, suddenly I don't feel so "grinchy".

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  1. I didn't know you live in Texas!! Where at!? I live in Texas too and I feel ya on this warm weather!! I'm use to Michigan snow lol :)

  2. I totally agree that as adults we blink and suddenly we're only 9 days away from Christmas. Time just goes by so quickly! I am definitely going to use grinchy from now on. I could always be called a Grinch because, don't hate me now, I don't really dig the Christmas music and I don't put a tree up in my apartment.